About Us

Our identity And Why We Care

In case you’re searching for a positive, feasible way to deal with weight reduction, you’re in the ideal place

A basic mission: to energize, teach, bolster and move any individual who wants to carry on with a more beneficial way of life.

We trust anybody in any circumstance can accomplish something that will influence their wellbeing decidedly. Indeed, even the littlest activities can lead you down a more beneficial way.

We think living solid doesn’t mean eating nourishment you scorn, starving yourself, or investing interminable energy at the exercise center. Nor do we put stock in gimmicky eating regimens or pipe dream get thinner quick pills or supplements.

We trust a sound way of life can be accomplished through down to earth, direct strides

Our group is enthusiastic about remaining over the most recent wellbeing examination to discover approaches to make an interpretation of that information into moves that anybody can make to settle on one solid choice one feast, without rushing too much.

LoveVelu isn’t just about getting more fit, or keeping it off, it is tied in with helping you carry on with a sound way of life that is fun, feels incredible, and above all, is manageable for the rest of your life.

Our group is comprised of individuals quite recently like you!

We are not exercise center buffs, extraordinary health food nuts, or wellness geeks. Rather we are standard individuals focused on straightforward solid living. We have battled with our own eating and medical problems and the counsel we share is the guidance we need and need as we work towards carrying on with a more full more advantageous way of life for ourselves.

Other eating regimen and weight reduction associations are centered around offering their own select strategies and items and the vast majority of them are intended for here and now weight reduction with little idea towards long haul supportability.