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Dogs and Herbs: What Is a Milk Thistle for Dogs?

Have you ever heard of herbs for dogs? You are probably wondering if it is possible for dogs to take herbal medications since most of the herbal products produced are for human consumption. So, how is it possible? According to the animal experts, several wild animals would find herbs to treat themselves for injuries and various diseases. Long before, humans had discovered that herbal plants can be used to treat their pets’ diseases or boost their immune system. Nature had already taught them how to live and survive the wild. One of the most known herbs that have a huge impact on the dog’s health is using “milk thistles”.

If you are looking for herbs that will help your dogs’ liver problem, you can count on milk thistle products for dogs. What is a milk thistle for dogs? According to the medical description, milk thistles are known liver herb for both humans and pets. It contains important flavonoid compound known as “silymarin”, which is also a combination of numerous active compounds. Silymarin is a known safe and effective treatment for various liver problems. It protects the liver from toxins. It helps activate the protein synthesis and helps stimulate the growth of new liver cells. It acts as an effective antioxidant which is the reasons why several veterinarians are using thistle to treat liver problems with dogs.

Below are other important uses of milk thistle products for dogs:

1. Treats liver problems and other related disease
• Tumors in liver
• Chronic inflammation of liver such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, and more
• Pancreatitis
• Leptospirosis
• Fatty Liver

2. Helps treat and prevent kidney damage
Studies showed that milk thistles can also treat and prevent various kidney disorders due to toxic effects from potent drugs.

3. Diabetes
Dogs may suffer from diabetes too. In fact, according to a recent study, 32 percent from 2.1 million dogs are suffering diabetes mellitus. Sadly, this disease is unrecognizable and can only be discovered from a routine bloodwork. Although, dogs or cats may show some symptoms such as abnormal hunger or thirst, frequent urination, and noticeable weight loss, still, several pet owners think it is normal. Milk thistles can also help dogs with diabetes and can act as insulin that helps regulate the blood sugar.


Dogs, cats, and other pets can take herbal products too. These may help treat various diseases or help boost the immune system of dogs like what milk thistles do. Milk thistles are widely used by several veterinarians because it is safe and effective too.

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