Asthma and how to manage it

Asthma is a medical condition that affects the airways which are located in the lungs. It is usually a long-term problem which can cause difficulty in breathing. This is because it affects the airways which are responsible for the inflow and exit of air in the lungs.

A person suffering from asthma will usually have certain things which act as triggers and lead to the narrowing of the airways.

While a lot of people have asthma from childhood as a result of family history, there are other situations where a person who is healthy may start to show signs of asthma. There is Allergic asthma which commonly occurs with another form of asthma known as childhood asthma. While childhood asthma is common in children, the allergic asthma is as a result of allergies.

Another form of asthma is the Exercise-induced Asthma. The trigger for this kind of asthma is usually an exercise which may be exhausting.

While there have been advancements in medicine, there isn’t any cure for asthma presently. Your best option is to effectively manage your asthma. To do this, you need to know your symptoms and the different things that act as triggers for these symptoms.

Symptoms of asthma

For any person experiencing asthma, there are symptoms which indicate it.

  1. The patient will be coughing while the mucus from a cough will change in color.
  2. There will be a wheezing sound. This is a whistling sound while breathingdue to the narrowing of the airways.
  3. Affected person may easily run out of breath.
  4. Pain in the chest or a feeling of the chest tightening

If the affected person needs to use an inhaler more often than previously observed or any of these symptoms occurs at a more regular interval, then this indicates the condition may be deteriorating rapidly.

Managing your asthma

To manage your asthma, you will need to take active steps in avoiding things that can trigger your asthma and also be working with your doctor. You should consider the following;

Always having your quick-relief medicine

A quick relief medicine is helpful in cases where the symptoms of asthma start to come up. In such cases, you need something to control these symptoms quickly. This is why you always need to have it on you at all times. While they may be helpful, they are not a replacement to long term medicines.

Avoid your asthma triggers

It is a good idea to know the things that trigger your asthma. This can help you avoid them and prevent your asthma from getting worse. Some common triggers are smoke, cold, sprays, pollen, and some preservatives in food. These can be avoided, but others like physical activities and stress will require you to visit your doctor to learn how to work with them.


Like the quick relief medicines, there are other medicines which you can use which are long term asthma medications. Examples are Cromolyn, Leukotriene modifiers, and inhaled corticosteroids. These medicines help to hinder the symptoms of asthma but may have side effects.

Benefits of Green Tea

The use of green tea varies around the world but one thing is common, it has significant health impacts to its use. While it has seen wide applications in medicine, it still holds some advantages over black tea after both have gone through processing.

Understanding the positive aspects to taking green tea can help build you make a habit out of taking it to improve your health. Benefits of green tea include;

Protection against diseases

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are referred to as the most common neurodegenerative diseases. This means they can cause the death of some of the brain cells and can lead to either dementia or can cause the death of neurons which produce dopamine in the brain. The bioactive compounds in green tea can help in preventing these diseases or slow down the rate at which they affect the brain as a result of bioactive compounds like catechin compounds present.

Promoting weight loss

According to some studies, green tea can help reduce body fat in the body. This is as a result of an increase in the rate of metabolism attributed to the polyphenol present. By hastening the conversion of food into calories, it is possible to reduce weight and also fat present in the areas around the abdomen.

Controlling cholesterol

By reducing the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL), present in the body, it is possible to prevent heart diseases which may result from it. This helps to create a positive balance between the bad cholesterol and good cholesterol in the body.

Preventing diabetes

By regulating the increase in the level of blood sugar after a meal, green tea can help prevent diabetes in the body. Taking green tea can also have a positive effect of improving the reaction of the body to insulin and can also increase the production of insulin in the body. This can be an excellent method of controlling diabetes.

To improve dental hygiene

Green tea has been proven to be able to prevent tooth decay and bad breath. The catechin compound present in green tea is capable of hindering the growth of Streptococcus mutans. This is a bacteria which can cause cavities and plaque formation in the mouth. By stopping its growth, it is possible to avoid these formations which can lead to tooth decay.

Preventing cancer

Green tea contains antioxidants, and these can be useful in combating the development of cancer. By protecting the body from oxidative damage, it is possible to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body. It is important to note that the green tea will be taken without milk to be effective. This is because milk can reduce the antioxidants in the green tea.

There are also other common benefits of green tea which include controlling the effects and signs of aging to provide a clearer and better skin. People who take green tea also experience improved brain functions. Although it has lower caffeine content, it has the L-thiamine amino acid. This promotes the production of dopamine and also reduces anxiety.

Weight loss and dieting

To ensure you have good health, maintaining the right body weight is important.

Conditions like high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases are likely to occur when you are overweight. These are just some of the conditions you can develop as you age due to your weight.

What Causes Weight Gain?

Certain factors can strongly influence the amount of weight you put on as you grow. Learning about these factors can make it easier to control your weight.

  • Inactivity: Anyone who does not engage in exercises is giving room for that excess weight to creep in. Increasing your physical activity and performing exercises is one of the most important methods of weight control.
  • Lack of sleep: not getting enough sleep can indirectly lead to weight gain since staying awake for longer periods means you eat more while also making you too tired to perform any exercise.
  • Gene: weight gain in some cases may be as a result of a person’s genes. While some people find it hard to obtain additional weight, in others it may be that the weight gain comes too easy.


While controlling your diet is important, there are certain dieting routines which may not be as healthy as they seem. While some may be able to provide a noticeable weight loss, it may only be a short term fix.

There are reasons why you should avoid such short term diets, and they include;

  1. You may be reducing your carbs with an increase in fats
  2. They may recommend you stop eating certain foods. This can lead to insufficient nutrients which would have been supplied by such foods.
  3. You may not be getting the required amount of calories which can lead to illness.

How to lose weight the healthy way

Although excess calories may be the leading cause of weight gain, the proper way to eliminate such calories is to exercise the body.

You should consider reducing your intake of certain foods and making improvements to your exercise routine to ensure you lose any additional weight and avoid adding gaining it again.

Eating food which contains 500 calories less than what you need is a good point to start if you are currently overweight. This can help you lose about 1kg in a week.

Other methods which you can adopt in losing weight in a healthy manner include;

  • Always eat your breakfast. A good breakfast can help make your stomach think it is full for a greater part of the day and it also gives you the required energy for activities during the day.
  • Take in a lot of fruits and vegetables
  • Go for skimmed milk over a full-fat milk. Go for drinks which are low-fat
  • Reduce your alcohol intake as it contains lots of calories

Final note

Having a healthy diet can help improve your weight loss if followed while performing exercises. With proper exercise, you are more likely to lower the risks of heart disease as result of reduced cholesterol in the body and also lower blood pressure.

Exercises increase your metabolism rate which means you can burn more calories. This is important to aid your weight loss and also maintain your weight loss. You also gain a confidence boost as you exercise daily to achieve your desired weight.